Nu-Blu Celebrates Fourth of July With Military Tribute Video for “640 Battlefield Drive”

Just in time for Independence Day, award-winning acoustic band Nu-Blu has unveiled the video for their song, “640 Battlefield Drive.” The song has already began turning heads in music circles, storming its way onto the Bluegrass Today Grassicana Weekly Airplay Chart. Fans got a first-look of the video on Bluegrass Today, where it premiered exclusively (watch here).

This song brings to light the dangers on the battlefield while a nation is at war. The story impacts multiple people, from the front lines of the fighting, all the way back to the home front, down to a mother, residing at “640 Battlefield Drive.” Everyone has a battle to fight, each in their own way, but nonetheless the danger is equally real to all involved.

“Sometimes you get these tunes and you just know that you’ve got to do it – you’ve got to cut it, and it’s got to go on the CD. On the first listen through, we definitely knew that this song had to go on the album,” said Daniel Routh. “This is a song that’s not about the band, it’s not about Nu-Blu, its about remembering the sacrifice given.”

The song is featured on Nu-Blu’s latest album Vagabonds. The project includes 11 all-new recordings like the lead single, “Still Small Voice” featuring Country Music Hall of Fame Statler Brothers singer Jimmy Fortune, along with the mainstream anthem, “A Lot More Love.” Fans can purchase “640 Battlefield Drive” and Vagabonds on iTunes, or stream on Spotify.