"...expanding on the potential of the genre. Nu-Blu stretch the reach of their songs by adding touches of Americana, Country, and Soul to string band mountain music..." - The Alternate Root

Continuing to take their brand of Bluegrass on the road, Nu-Blu are Vagabonds for their recent album release. The North Carolina-based quartet stay true to Bluegrass traditions in their music, expanding on the potential of the genre. Nu-Blu stretch the reach of their songs by adding touches of Americana, Country, and Soul to string band mountain music heritage as Vagabonds opens by setting fire to the past with “Bridges That You Burned”. Nu-Blu slow the strums to cruise down “Battlefield Drive” as the song waves goodbye to young soldiers leaving home, take “A Fool and Her Heart” for a spin on a honky tonk dance floor, voice dreams with hopeful words and whispered rhythms in “Surround Me with Love”, and wonder “How Many Rivers” will tears create for a lonely soul.

Husband and wife team Daniel (guitar, vocal) and Caroline Routh (vocals, upright bass) stand at the heart of Nu-Blu as fellow band members flesh out the music with fiddle, mandolin (Clint White) and banjo (TJ Honaker). Vagabonds welcomes harmony into “Still Small Voices” from Jimmy Fortune and Ben Isaacs as the album brings in songs from Bob Dylan (“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”) and Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson (“Good Hearted Woman”). The benefits of being a touring band moving from show to show gives Vagabonds an intuitive unity to its songs as the music tells the tale of a “Troublemaker” formed from abuse and honors the troubadours as “Gypsies on Parade” pulls into a late-night diner. Nu-Blu pair people from varied backgrounds as they tie humanity together with the wishes of “A Lot More Love” as the band builds a bridge to tear down the walls that keep us apart.

"(Carolyn Routh) sounds like Loretta Lynn on a very good day." - Country Standard Time

In bluegrass music these days, accomplished pickers abound. Some say, however, that the soul of bluegrass music is in vocals. Sonny Osborne, an estimable banjo player, would often say that his brother Bobby's vocals "paid for the farm," despite The Osborne Brothers' success as a bluegrass band. If the late Mr. Osborne was right, then Nu-Blu is on the right track. Nu-Blu features fearsome instrumentalists, but the real attraction to their new release, "Vagabond" is the vocals.

"640 Battlefield Drive" treads the well-worn path of country boys going off to fight a nasty political war ill-suited to their aspirations. But Caroline Routh's penetrating soprano chillingly spins the story from a mother's point of view. Routh's vocals are a solid constant through "Vagabonds," giving an edge to the Parton-ish "A Fool and Her Heart" and "A Lot More Love," which in other hands, would be an empty pop-country anthem. With Routh, it's down-home pathos. "Good Hearted Woman," one of Waylon Jennings' signature pieces (which he wrote with Willie Nelson), sounds like Loretta Lynn on a very good day.

Caroline Routh's vocals may be a centerpiece of Nu-Blu, but the accompaniments are equally as tasty. Husband Daniel tackles vocal duties and instrumental turns with equal efficiency. TJ Honaker on vocals and banjo, and Clint White on mandolin and fiddle complete the quartet. Their licks are startlingly tight and measured, transporting, not overpowering.

Nu-Blu has a good ear for material and for delivering smooth, never choppy, bluegrass licks. Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door" is delivered at 60 percent of the pace of the original, with Honaker's banjo and White's mandolin carrying the torch, lighting the way for Caroline Routh's powerful vocals. There's also an "I'm missing you from the road" song "Gypsies On Parade." The title of the CD derives from its lyrics. When Daniel Routh's lead vocals take center stage on "How Many Rivers," Nu-Blu follows the same approach; the backing instrumentals never overpower the vocals.

"Vagabonds" displays a confident band, minding the bluegrass tradition, but adding its own splash of emotion and clarity.

Nu-Blu, ‘Still Small Voice’ Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

North Carolina-based bluegrass four-piece Nu-Blu are premiering the music video for their song “Still Small Voice” exclusively for readers of The Boot. The song was co-written by Jimmy Fortune; readers can press play above to watch the clip.

Recorded in 2016 and released on their newest album, Vagabonds, Nu-Blu’s rendition of “Still Small Voice” was a long time coming. They were originally pitched the song in 2011, the band’s Carolyn Routh tells The Boot.

“We knew it was a song that we wanted to record, but it just didn’t ‘fit’ the current album that we were recording at the time,” Routh explains. “It’s really hard to have a song this great and not cut it, but we had to do what was right for that album, so we reluctantly had to let it go.”

As Nu-Blu began work on Vagabonds, their sixth full-length release, “Still Small Voice” resurfaced — or, more accurately, they sought it out, and were successful.

“After some phone calls and a few emails, I managed to track [the song] down,” Routh recalls. “To my surprise and great delight, it had not yet been recorded by anyone. Score!”

It was then that Nu-Blu learned that Fortune — known for his two decades with the Statler Brothers, as well as for his work as a songwriter in Nashville and his country and gospel solo albums — co-wrote “Still Small Voice.” He makes a cameo in Nu-Blu’s music video for the song, as does Ben Isaacs (of the Isaacs); Nu-Blu added a third vocal part to give Isaacs a chance to sing on the tune.

Filmed at Nashville’s Skaggs Place Studios, Nu-Blu’s “Still Small Voice” music video is dedicated to Tony Lopacinski, Fortune’s co-writer and pop-rock band Train’s former guitarist. Lopacinski died of cancer shortly after Nu-Blu were first approached with the song.

“It’s overwhelming to us, the response we have gotten so far on this song; it seems to affect each person who hears it in a different way,” says Routh. “We wanted the video to reflect its true spirit and show a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of the studio atmosphere it was recorded in.”

Nu-Blu’s latest album, Vagabonds, was released in April. Visit their official website for more information on the record and upcoming shows.

Read More: Nu-Blu, 'Still Small Voice' Music Video | http://theboot.com/nu-blu-still-small-voice-music-video/?trackback=tsmclip

"(Carolyn's) voice always speaks to me unlike any other bluegrass artists I've heard." - Kelly's Country


Welcome to TURNTABLE TUESDAY - yeah, I'm  a bit behind today. Traveled all day yesterday and didn't sleep well last night. I could not force myself to move. 

My experience led me to think about the album on the turntable this week and groups like Nu-Blu. VAGABONDS truly is a representation of an artists life. Whether it's original music being performed or nods to others such as Bob Dylan and Guns & Roses with Knockin On Heaven's Door, Waylon Jennings' Good Hearted Woman, Surround Me With Love (Charly McClain) or tunes such as Gypsies On Parade, everything comes together under the cover of the beautiful gypsy caravan on the CD cover.

Songs like Knockin On Heaven's Door or Good Hearted Woman, Surround Me With Love don't exactly come to mind when you think of Bluegrass, yet they fit seamlessly in with the other nine tracks. 

Carolyn's amazing soprano kicks things off with The Bridges That You've Burned.  Their One-Sheet calls her voice 'caramel-coated... at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you.'  You can hear the distinctive beat of the clickety clack of the track on the true-to-point Troublemaker. Her voice always speaks to me unlike any other bluegrass artists I've heard. 

Daniel spoke yesterday of the emotional pull of Gypsies On Parade. Their story is deep in the lyrics.

Still Small Voice is one of the two pillars of strength on this CD. The tune features vocals with Jimmy Fortune and Ben Isaacs. Both amazing multi-talented artists in their own right, but to be paired with Nu-Blu truly is added power to an emotionally charged album.

The other pillar stands strong while bringing you to your knees in 640 Battlefield Drive. I'd love to have a video for this tune to feature during July 4th week or Memorial Day. 

Though I've not singled out A Lot More LoveHow Many RiversA Fool and Her Heart, they each bring their own special touch to the power of this album and like ingredients in a flavorful stew, they would be the that 'something missing if they weren't included.

This is my favorite Nu-Blu compilation so far and I look forward to more from them. 

I'm giving the CD 5 hats! 

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Nu-Blu Today, we're stepping off the 8-seconds Q & A to do a Fast Five with Nu-Blu. - The Country Angel

Tomorrow, their new CD - VAGABONDS will be on the Turntable Tuesday so I've focused the Fast Five on their newest project.

Vagabonds seems to have a bit more ‘travel’ in the pacing of the tunes, differing from Your “All the Way” CD. Carolyn, I also know from our previous interview that you look for songs that really hit you.  What was your first pick for Vagabonds and what about the tune spoke to you?

The first song pick was the title cut, "Gypsies on Parade". This song has been on my "must do" list since the first time I heard Sawyer Brown perform it way back in the eighties. When I heard it then, knowing how much they were on the road, it really touched me. Every CD Nu-Blu has ever recorded. "Gypsies on Parade" has been on the table. (I've kept it to myself because I've always been fearful that if another band heard it, they might beat me into the studio with it.) Now since spending in excess of 200 days a year on the road touring since going full time in 2011, the timing was finally right.

"Gypsies on Parade" is very emotional for me because, it's my life. I love what I do and am thankful for the opportunity to live this life I always dreamed about, but it can be very demanding, both physically and mentally. It is oftentimes very emotionally taxing having to be gone so much from family and friends. This song is so close to my heart, that it is the only song I've ever cried on While in the studio cutting my vocals.

You teamed up with Jimmy Fortune on a single he co-wrote ‘Still Small Voice’. In a interview with Bluegrass Today, you spoke of what that song meant to you. Do you think people listen to that voice enough today? If not, what are some of the impacts we would see in our world today, if they did?

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. And of course each person can think of a place or choice they had to make in their life where they wish they would have listened to “that voice” or “a gut feeling.” I think that the biggest impact would be seen in a “pay it forward” fashion if more folks took the time to listen to that voice. Life is so busy and it seems we jump from one thing to the next so quickly, that if we just slow down and think it through, that we would realize many of the issues we face in life are in fact ones we create for ourselves.


CMT said ‘their sound acknowledges the traditional institutions that have shaped it yet is innovative and daring enough to bring a fresh sparkle to contemporary acoustic music…’What about this new album do you think is most representative of that quote?

Everything. We do hold traditional bluegrass close to our hearts, it’s what we love. That being said, good music is good music and a great song is a great song.   When we decide to record or perform a song, the decision isn’t based on whether it fits in the box or not. We decide based on how it fits us emotionally and by our fan feedback. How we treat that song is a decision made by simply listening to the song itself. It will tell you what it needs and doesn’t need, just don’t try and force it into a container that it doesn’t fit in. Some of our songs are bluegrass, some aren’t, and we are aware of that and will be the first to say it, but isn’t that the coolest thing about music? It just is, and without labels.

What makes Vagabonds different from anything you’ve done prior while still making it feel a part of the Nu-Blu family?

We feel that any band and their music are constantly shaped by the environment and people that they exist in and around. It’s no different for Nu-Blu. This album has been shaped by our life over the last couple years. Heavy touring, very little time at home, having to record parts of the album on the road, all this combined with. meeting folks from all over the world as we tour, learning from them, becoming friends and listening to their experiences. This all goes into the makeup of “Vagabonds’.

Daniel, a lot of the rise of Nu-Blu can be attributed to your attention to the businesses side of the band. What was the hardest part of ‘branding’ that you knew if you could just get that puzzle piece in place, Nu-Blu would be on its way to what you and the rest of the band knew it could be?

Well, any measure of success can never be attributed to one person. It’s taken a collective effort of current and past band members, an amazing team, lots of lost sleep, and yes, running the band as a business. That’s what it is. We exist in the business of music, and there’s as many sides to it as there are to any other business. I think that the largest challenge to “making it” in the music industry is the fact that music is something people do as a hobby and for fun as well. So that makes it much harder to separate and draw a line.

Think of it this way. If a person builds birdhouses for a hobby in the backyard and the occasional neighbor asks for one to be made as a gift, or even if that person makes a few on a weekend and sells them at a local craft fair. That’s one thing, but is that the person going to be the person that you get to build your house? No, of course not. It’s not that the talent isn’t equal or perhaps even greater on the hobbyists side, it’s more planning, permitting, and sometimes having the crew to get it done on a larger scale. That line is much more blurred inside of music, so branding is something that becomes even harder to do. There’s no magic puzzle piece, it’s having all the pieces, all at the same time working toward a common group of goals. As an artist, you have to trust your team.

We have the most talented folks working with us. I’m truly thankful everyday for them. For any artist that is struggling to “make it” the best advice I can give is set your goals, build a team and trust them to drive the train, and learn…learn all you can about the business side of music, oh, and that learning never stops…

"Vagabonds is an album not to miss." - Roughstock.com

Nu-Blu - Vagabonds (Voxhall Records)
The Bluegrass stalwarts return with an expansive collection of songs with nine new songs and two spirited covers of iconic country and rock songs. The covers (“Good Hearted Woman” and “Knocking’ On Heaven’s Door”) showcase how Bluegrass can take just about any great song and make it work within the genre’s tight confines. Nu-Blu is a progressive Bluegrass band and
with tight performances and great musicianship, Vagabonds is a record not to miss; Especially for traditional country music fans looking for something new. Other highlights include “Troublemaker,” “A Lot More Love,” “640 Battlefield Drive,” and “A Fool and Her Heart.”

"'Gypsies on Parade' is to bluegrass as Bob Seger’s 'Turn the Page' is to rock and roll."-Backstageaxxcess

Nu-Blu, a bluegrass band hailing from Siler City, North Carolina, is set to release studio album number six called “Vagabonds” on Voxhall Records on April 28th.  It was a privilege to preview this album.  The musicianship is outstanding and a true slice of Americana.  The husband-and-wife duo, Daniel (vocals and guitar) and Carolyn (lead vocals and bass) Routh are joined by band-mates TJ Honaker (vocals and banjo) and Clint White (fiddle and mandolin). 

The album starts off with the upbeat tempo of “The Bridges That You’ve Burned,” showcasing Carolyn’s powerful voice from the get go.  Another notable tune is “Still Small Voice,” featuring guest vocalists Jimmy Fortune and Ben Isaacs.  Lush vocal harmonies and fast finger picking are a winning combination. 

“640 Battlefield Drive,” albeit a beautiful song, was simply too sad for my liking but certainly accomplishes a heightened sense of emotions with a heart-wrenching story.  Daniel handles lead vocals on “How Many Rivers” and Carolyn harmonizes exquisitely.  My favorite track on this CD is “Gypsies on Parade.”  It’s about life on the road and it has an autobiographical feel to it.  It’s a bold statement but “Gypsies on Parade” is to bluegrass as Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” is to rock and roll.

The band also puts a bluegrass spin on the Willie Nelson/ Waylon Jennings  classic “Good Hearted Woman” and Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”  The arrangement on Dylan’s classic rock anthem is brilliant, complete with a layered string section that includes a standout fiddle that cries behind the vocals.  If you like bluegrass, this is a must for your collection.  Moreover, Nu-Blu’s “Vagabonds” album could serve as a great introduction to this fast picking genre of music.

Parcbench Review-Vagabonds- "It overflows with heart and harmony."

The Bluegrass/Americana group Nu-Blu has released their new album, Vagabonds (their sixth studio album). It overflows with heart and harmony. The lead single, “Still Small Voice,” features Country Music Hall of Fame singer Jimmy Fortune. Like nearly every track, the single is thoughtful and inspiring, create a highly satisfying experience. What separates Nu-Blu from so many other bluegrass bands out there is their uncanny sense of restraint; they always leave you wanting more.

Strong in story songs, the album fully conveys the power of bluegrass to touch upon character, emotion, situation and something eternal, all by letting the band establish their ability to levitate as an ensemble and then letting each individual taking to ocassional flight. The low point (lyrically speaking) is the simplistic “A Lot More Love.” The song’s reductive quality seems left over from a well-meaning 1980s Kathy Mattea album. In 2017, without a new way to say it, it is sadly inneffectual. The performance of the song, however, is impeccable.

On the whole, this is a very successful project that will please fans of the group, and surely create new followers for them, as well. Nu-Blu consists of Carolyn Routh (crystalline lead vocals), Daniel Routh, TJ Honaker and Clint White.

Essential Downloads: “The Bridges That You’ve Burned,” “Still Small Voice,” “Troublemaker,” “Gypsies On Parade.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.


NASHVILLE, TENN. (March 8, 2016) - Bluegrass/Americana breakout stars Nu-Blu are gearing up for the release of their upcoming project, Vagabonds. The album will serve as the award winning band’s sixth studio album, and is set for release on April 28. The album is fueled by the latest lead single, “Still Small Voice” featuring Country Music Hall of Fame Statler Brothers member Jimmy Fortune. The project will be released via Voxhall Records, and made available on iTunes, Amazon and wherever music is sold.

“Vagabonds has been an emotional endeavor from the beginning. For seven years now, having spent over 200 days each on tour, the road has become our home,” says Nu-Blu’s Carolyn Routh. “We have seen a lot, done a lot, and embraced life not only through our own experiences, but also through the lives of those we have met. This project reflects the collective heart and soul of them, and of ourselves along the way."

Vagabonds first single is “Still Small Voice,” featuring Jimmy Fortune, who also co-wrote the song alongside Tony Lopacinski and Devin Belle. Accompanying lead singer Carolyn Routh and Fortune on harmonies is Dove Award winning singer Ben Isaacs. The song has already begun to generate traction since being released earlier this year, recently climbing its way to No. 3 this week on Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Contemporary Bluegrass Song Chart, which counts down the top songs in the genre.

Standout songs on the album include the feel-good track, “A Lot More Love,” which has universal appeal with its inspiring sing-along message. Key lyrics on the song include the line, “we could all use a little less hate, and a lot more love,” with other lines through the song tackling the problems of the world. The song “Gypsies on Parade” is the inspiration behind the album title, which touches on the struggles of being on the road touring. Like previous albums, powerhouse lead-vocalist Carolyn Routh hits the high notes on ballads like the heartbreaking “640 Battlefield Drive” and the warm “Surround Me With Love.”

Nu-Blu also takes on some of country and rock music’s biggest hits, with a new approach. The rock anthem “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” was remade with a fresh, bluegrass approach. The song was originally released by Bob Dylan in 1973, while also being re-recorded by singers like Eric Clapton and Guns N’ Roses. The band also recorded a version of “Good Hearted Woman,” a record made famous by country music icons Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, where it hit the top of the charts in 1976.


Nashville, Tenn. (January 20, 2016) - The wait is over for Nu-Blu's new single, "Still Small Voice," AVAILABLE NOW on iTunesAmazon and Spotify. The upbeat track serves as the first single for the band's sixth studio project, slated for release this spring. Country Music Hall of Famer and Gospel Music Hall of Famer Jimmy Fortune is also featured on "Still Small Voice." Nu-Blu is also pleased to announce that they will be teaming up with Voxhall Records after recently inking a deal for highly-anticipated project.

"When we first heard this song, it instantly spoke to us. That still small voice can be that fleeting thought just before you speak, that internal angst that you battle within yourself over the most important or simple choice," said Nu-Blu's Carolyn Routh. "Be it a thought from you own soul, or from a higher power, that voice is always the one that gives you 20/20 hindsight while illuminating your path forward at the same time, if we listen to it. So next time don't suppress that thought, instead let that still small voice scream!"

The upcoming project marks Nu-Blu's first album launch since their 2014 project, All The Way.  The first offering from the project, "Still Small Voice," is a lively bluegrass track featuring Nu-Blu's powerhouse vocalist Carolyn Routh and Country Music Hall of Fame singer Jimmy Fortune singing together on the inspirational song. A third harmonizing vocalist includes Ben Isaacs of the popular Gospel group The Isaacs.  The track was written by Fortune, along with Devin Belle and Tony Lopacinski.

"Every now and then a group will come along and capture the attention of your heart and soul with the uniqueness of the music," said Fortune about Nu-Blu. "I was so honored to have them record a song I co-wrote with two friends, Devin Bell and Tony Lopacinski. 'Still Small Voice' was a proud work of ours and I must say the song found it's voice and Nu-Blu recorded it."


Charleston, S.C. (July 7, 2016) - The 2017 Bluegrass and Blue Water Cruise is pleased to announce that Raymond's Reserve has just been added as the official sponsor. Fans will get an up-close and personal experience with some of bluegrass music's hottest acts, including genre favorites Nu-Blu, who will serve as the host band. The five day adventure will take place Jan. 5-10, porting in Charleston, S.C. on Carnival Cruise Lines to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas.  Other bands performing on the excursion include traditional favorites The Bluegrass Brothers and Unbridled Strings. "Dalton Distillery is so excited to be launching our new whiskey 'Raymond's Reserve' by partnering with the Bluegrass and Blue Water Cruise for 2017," says Dalton Distillery owner Chuck Butler. "We love Bluegrass and Americana music, and the bands on this years cruise are some of the best in the business. We invite everyone to come on board with us and spend some time tasting our 12 different flavors of Raymond's Reserve!" "Bluegrass Borderline" host Michelle Lee will serve as the official MC for the shows on board the Caribbean escape. In addition to round-the-clock entertainment, including late night jams and workshops with the artists, Bluegrass & Blue Water Cruise sponsor Raymond's Reserve will be offering a special tasting event, where attendees will have the opportunity to taste multiple flavors of moonshine. Cruise pricing starts at just $500, with a limited number of cabins available. Reserve yours today by either booking online at BluegrassandBluewatercruise.com or calling 336-736-7297. Also, just announced for the first time, the cruise will offer bus transportation for this year's journey with stops in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 13, 2016)  -  Nu-Blu, the award-winning bluegrass group who has been sweeping the nation, will be stopping by Heartland TV's hit show "Bluegrass Ridge."  Tune in as band members Carolyn and Daniel Routh host four upcoming episodes of the popular 30-minute program, which airs on Heartland TV.  "Bluegrass Ridge" features music videos from bluegrass' biggest acts, along with artist interviews and behind-the scenes content, allowing viewers a rare first-hand look at a genre that's never been hotter.

"We are so honored to have Nu-Blu guest hosting 'Bluegrass Ridge'" said executive producer Jeff Moseley. "They are one of hardest working groups playing events continuously nationwide. They represent traditional bluegrass with a fresh young flavor. Be sure to check them out!"

"Bluegrass Ridge" will air new episodes each week, beginning April 11.  Additional all-new episodes will air the weeks of April 18, April 25 and May 2.  Along with Heartland TV, the show also airs on The Family Channel, Angel Two (Dish-TV), AMG-TV, Keep It Country TV-UK/Ireland, Country TV (New Zealand) and DTC Cable (check local listings).

Nu-Blu is currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, which is slated for release later this year.  The award-winning band is also on tour throughout North America (see dates below). Be sure to catch them at a festival/venue near you. 


Nu-Blu, the fastest-growing act in bluegrass and Americana music, is kicking off 2016 with a blockbuster tour across North America, including a stop in Baja, Mexico.  The group recently performed during The NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim, California while supporting their partners Peterson Tuners, D'Addario, QSC Audio, Sennheiser/Neumann.Berlin, Hercules Stands and Kirlin Cables.

Nu-Blu returned to the 2016 NAMM Show for the fourth consecutive year to entertain fans with multiple showcase performances. Each sponsorship offers the most unique and innovative products on the market, which other band's like Nu-Blu depend on for each and every show. Nu-Blu also got a chance to interact with attendees at the event, showing each product to new, potential users.

The bluegrass chart-toppers recently inked a deal with NS Design for a new bass, which is played by power-house vocalist Carolyn Routh. "Carolyn Routh's vocals shine with distinction, bringing tones of Melissa Etheridge's biting soul combined with diva Paula Cole's crafty melodic sense and range," said NS Design's Artist Relations Manager Corey Redonnett. He adds, "NS is proud to add Carolyn as a RADIUS bass endorser to a long list of creative and hard-working artists."   

Carolyn Routh raves about NS Design, stating "I've been searching for a long time to find the perfect bass guitar to fit my needs and add a new dynamic to our stage show. The NS CR4 Radius is that bass."

Another recent endorsement for Nu-Blu comes from Sorensen Mandolin & Guitar Co, who provides top-of-the-line instruments for acts in all genres. Multi-instrumentalist Clint White has already began hitting the stage with his brand-new AX A-style mandolin that delivers a fantastic blend of traditional and modern sound.This is the introduction of this model Sorensen mandolin, as it makes its recording and touring debut with Nu-Blu.

As the new year begins, Nu-Blu also reflects back on a memorable 2015, which propelled them to new heights with their hit song "That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue" featuring Rhonda Vincent. In addition to hitting No. 1 on Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction's Most-Played Songs chart, the song also charted in Bluegrass Today's Top 30 most played songs of 2015. The band is already hard-at-work on the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed album, All The Way.


Bluegrass/Americana sensation Nu-Blu are pleased to announce their participation in the inaugural online Bluegrass Roundup on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 6pm EST. They will be performing a special one-hour set, which features EVERY song from their latest album, All The Way. This first-of-its-kind Bluegrass festival will stream the show online HERE. The spectacle is sponsored by JCD Property Management in conjunction with the California Bluegrass Association.

"We've built our career around taking chances and doing new innovative things" said an excited Carolyn Routh. "I hope fans around the world will tune in and be a part of this."

Based on tip amounts, fans will receive the following merchandise:
$10 tip - D/L of All The Way album via iDitty
$20 tip - D/L and signed physical copy of All The Way album
$40 tip - D/L and signed physical copy of All The Way + signed tour poster

Nu-Blu's latest album All The Way was released in Sept. 2014, and spent three weeks inside the top 10 of the Billboard Bluegrass Albums chart. Fueled by its first single "Jesus and Jones," with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame icon Sam Moore, the dynamic pairing performed the song on Huckabee, Imus in the Morning, and The Ronnie Reno Show. Also, their current song "That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue" with Bluegrass favorite Rhonda Vincent is currently #1 on Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction's Most-Played Tracks for the month of February.

About CBA
The California Bluegrass Association (CBA) is a California Non-Profit Corporation which was founded in 1975 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The CBA is dedicated to the furtherance of Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Gospel Music in California. The Articles of Incorporation further state that the organization is formed to promote, encourage, foster, and cultivate the preservation, appreciation, understanding, enjoyment, support, and performance of traditional instrumental and vocal music of the United States.


#1 on Sirius XM's Bluegrass Junction Most-Played Tracks for the month of February


Bluegrass Favorites & Soul Man Sam Moore Featured on "Ronnie Reno Show"

Nashville, Tenn. (February 11, 2105) -- Nu-Blu, the bluegrass band who has been sweeping the nation, kicked off 2015 on a high note, playing several major cities and performing at the 113th edition of The NAMM SHOW, the annual music products convention staged by the National Association of Music Merchants in Anaheim, Calif. Keeping the momentum going, the band's latest track "That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue," which features fellow Bluegrass favorite Rhonda Vincent, has been climbing the charts. In addition to debuting at #8 on the Bluegrass Today Monthly Airplay Chart, the track has hit. Radio can download the track, along with Nu-Blu's latest album All The Way, HERE.

"We cannot express how thankful we are for the support from our family, friends and fans," said Carolyn, lead singer of the group. "If y'all thought 2014 was crazy, get ready for 2015! We'll be logging more miles, playing more shows and sleeping more nights on the bus than ever before!"

Additionally, Nu-Blu and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame icon Sam Moore are appearing on a very special episode of "Reno's Old Time Music" this weekend on RFD-TV. On this episode, Nu-Blu and Sam Moore perform their collaboration "Jesus and Jones" for the audience, as well as the popular hymn "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." And for the first time ever, the Sam & Dave classic "Hold On, I'm Coming" will get a Bluegrass twist (complete listing of air dates and times below).

Reno's Old Time Music Air Dates:
Saturday, February 14th at 7:00PM/CST (8:00PM/EST)
Thursday, February 19th at 7:30AM/CST (8:30AM/EST)

NAMM 2015!

We always look forward to the NAMM Show each year and working with all of our partners in the music industry.  With performances at Peterson Tuners, helping to showcase the new QSC Touchmix Mixing Console, and taking part in the product lauch of the D-1 Digital Wireless system at Sennheiser, we staying hopping the whole time!   We did have a few close incounters, like this one with the great Stevie Wonder!

We just want to say thanks again to our of the wonderful folks that we work with and help keep us rolling and sounding our best!  Time to say goodbye to Anaheim for another year and hit the road again.  Please take time to check out our partners sites for the newest in audio gear!  Peterson Tuners, QSC Audio, Sennheiser Mics,