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2012-albumcover-NailByNail-Nu-Blu-200Nu-Blu – Nail By Nail
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Pinecastle Records

Nail By Nail is Nu-Blu’s first all gospel album, and it is true to the best of bluegrass tradition. It’s an album that delivers as much heartfelt emotion as it evokes from the band. Thease are songs that take you somewhere, and then brings you back home so that you can listen just a little more clearly.

The album begins with “The Abyss,” one of the darker tracks on the album. Written by Donna Ulisse and Marc Rossi. It sings about going to The Father when overcome with despair. It’s an inspirational song that reminds us of the occasional brooding quality of serious bluegrass music.

One of the best tracks on the album is “Martha and Mary,” a powerful, banjo-driven tune written by Becky Buller and Nancy Cardwell, based on the Bible’s story of (you guessed it) Martha and Mary. It’s the kind of song that you can’t help listening to without nodding your head in agreement… in rhythm.

As bluegrass bands go, Nu-Blu is one of the more lively, playing even the slower tempo songs with passion and energy. The band consists of Daniel Routh (vocals and guitar), Carolyn Routh (vocals and bass), Levi Austin (harmony vocals, bass, guitar and banjo), Greg Luck (fiddle) and Austin Koerner (mandolin). Nail By Nail is a great introduction to Nu-Blu and will no doubt inspire you to check out their previous work as well.